How do I know? Because I’m just like you.

I like to say yes to everyone’s requests. I tell myself I’m saying yes to a good thing. Even a God-Thing. I’m saying yes to something that could make an impact for eternity.

Sometimes that is true. Most times, though, it’s a lie. The real reason I say yes is because I want people to like me. I want to make them happy (as though I can control someone else’s happiness). I want them to tell others what I did for them. And they do. Which leads to more requests and more “stuff” until my load reaches my limit.

I don’t just do this to myself. I do it to my ministry too.

I say yes to that event idea because I know it’ll get some parents off my back. I say yes to that new program because people will think we are going “deeper” (whatever that means). I say yes to _______________ so our ministry looks busy and being busy is good, right? That’s what everyone else is doing.

But today is different. Today I am saying no to more. I am saying no to getting people to like me. Today I am saying no to trying to control another person’s happiness. Today I am saying no to all of this (and more) so I can say yes to what’s important.

Today I am saying yes to dinner with my wife, without the phone on.

Today I am saying yes to taking a nap on my day off.

Today I am saying yes to a quiet time that has nothing to do with my lesson for this weekend.

Today I am saying yes to leaving the office on time (and not bringing any work home).

Today I am saying yes to doing a few things really well.

Today I am saying yes to not add anything else to my schedule.

Today I am saying yes to thinking differently about my time so it can be remarkable:

The Lord has given me a strong warning not to think like everyone else does… – Isaiah 8:11 (NLT)

I hope you’ll join me.

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3 thoughts on “You Are Doing Too Much

  1. THANK YOU! Very good post. Just what I needed to hear. I’m finally at a place where we’ve got a good rhythm in life and someone just emailed me about a day care job (I run a home day care), and I was thinking of saying yes to help this lady out (who I don’t EVEN know!!). I’m going to focus on things I really care about… family, ministry, and the kids I already provide care for.

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