It’s no secret that our children’s ministry leaders are first-class members of Awesometown. Of this there can be no question. But one of the perks of being as awesome as you are is having other people like me (who aren’t as awesome) tell you why you are the cat’s pajamas. Why anyone would give a cat pajamas instead of tossing them in a nap sack and mailing them to Abu Dhabi like Garfield is always threatening to do to Nermal is beyond me, but I think you get where this train of thought is going.

With that said here’s 10 (of many) reasons why I think you’re awesome:

1. You’re secure enough in your adulthoodedness to regularly use words like “potty”and “poopy” when it’s necessary to help kinds understand what a bathroom is supposed to be used for.

2. You help clean up the mess left over from drive-by “potty” and “poopy” accidents when kids laugh at you for using words like “potty” and “poopy” in sentences that are meant to instruct about what NOT to do in the middle of your Bible lesson.

3. You go to extraordinary lengths to keep kids engaged, so we rarely have to flash their number during service and force parents to do the “my kid is out of control” walk of shame out of church.

4. You help parents realize that they’re not the only adults in the universe that have a vested interest in their kids’ lives. You do too. That’s why you get up early and stay late so that kids can get a little taste of Jesus each weekend. For some of them, that’s all their souls get the whole week. Thanks for making it count.

5. You work a 40+ hour week and then come and work on the WEEKEND! Who does that? You do, that’s who! Most people think you only work one day a week, but you do so much more. Thanks for being generous with your time.

6. You see something in kids that others don’t. While most adults just see oompa loompa sized tax deductions, you see something more. You realize that our ceiling is their floor. You believe the Lord will use them to take HIS Church to places we’ve never even imagined!

7. You keep kids safe at church so that their parents don’t have to wonder if they’ve done something incredibly stupid, like sticking a Golden Rod colored crayon so far up their nose they may have touched scalp.

8. You don’t take yourself too seriously. How can you when you have to sit in chairs so small week in and week out that even a hobbit would characterize them as uncomfortably minuscule?

9. Great is your reward in Heaven. Picture Scrooge Mc Duck doing jackknife dives into his tower of gold coins, multiply that by a googolplex, and that’s about HALF of what awaits in you eternity for serving the families at your church.

10. You are willing to read a ridiculously long list like this.

You may not see it, but your ministry is reaching kids. What you are doing will be remembered by God and you will be rewarded for eternity. You have answered a call that is often unrewarding and requires tremendous commitment. Always remember the following words: “So, my dear brothers and sisters, be strong and steady, always enthusiastic about the Lord’s work, for you know that nothing you do for the Lord is ever useless.” – 1 Corinthians 15:58 (NLT)


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