+ I learned that even animals can go to psychics. A lady called me and asked if the Bible was OK with her using a horse psychic and, if not, could I please pray over her prized horse named Cinnamon. Yes, you read that last sentence correctly and yes, I did pray for Cinnamon. Hope she’s OK.

+ I loved being able to help parents lead their kids to Christ. We changed our strategy of how we do this and it was a huge win. I will never steal away the privilege of parents leading/being present when their kids accept Christ again.

+ I learned a lot of life lessons by the time I turned 30 this year.

+ I loved seeing someone on my team rip the hair off a man’s beard with their bare hands. Last week we did a Christmas Scavenger Hunt. One of the highest-prized items was to retrieve a hair off a Santa’s beard. One of the teams actually got a Santa with a real beard to let them do it. Needless to say they were the winning team.

+ I learned that I can never make everybody happy, and that’s OK.

+ I loved this response from one kid when someone asked how he felt after I baptized him: “It was like getting baptized by Jesus.” Cracked me up!

+ I learned that kids don’t like paper towels. When one kid wanted to dry his hands he went up to the volunteer with the longest head of hair in the room, asked her to bend down, and wiped his hands on her head! He figured that if it was good enough for Mary Magdalene to do for Jesus, it was good enough for his leader to do for him. Hilarious!!!

+ I loved it when one dad, after I baptized him and his family, offered to “tip” me. When I thanked him and told him that it was not necessary, he and his wife went out and had a gift-basket delivered to the office on my birthday. It made my week.

+ I learned a lot from reading books. Here were some of my favorite books from this year:

  1. A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller
  2. The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon
  3. Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller
  4. The Power of a Whisper by Bill Hybels
  5. Everyone Communicates, Few Connect by John Maxwell

+ I loved opening my heart up to beginning the process of adopting our first child.

What about you? What did you learn and love in 2010?



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