Ever felt like quitting children’s ministry? I have.

Every week you’ve got volunteers that bail on you last-minute or who just don’t show up at all.

You’ve got to sort through pages of curriculum to find the least cheesy activity for the kids in your small groups to do.

Then there’s making sure you don’t go over your budget TOO much (assuming that you even have a budget at all) and trying to get the rest of the staff to see you’re doing more for the church than free childcare.

Oh, and let’s not forget all the meetings! Why are there so many meetings?

So what’s the answer?

Quit doing the things that make you want to quit

Quit second-guessing every decision you make. You probably have better instincts than you realize.

Quit believing you’re not special. You are more important than you know.

Quit listening to people tell you it can’t be done. Maybe it can’t, but at least you’re trying.

Quit comparing yourself to others. Embrace who you are.

Quit thinking about all of your mistakes. It’s time to move on.

Quit being angry at ______________. It’s time to move on.

Quit seeking the approval of others. There’s only one person’s approval you really need.

Quit trying to do everything yourself. There are people who want to help you if only you’ll just ask them.

Quit fearing the future. Unless the machines really do take over, it’s not going to be so bad.

Quit reading this post right now, go home, and tell your family how much you love them.

What do you need to quit doing today so that you won’t quit children’s ministry tomorrow?


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