One of the most important things my dad taught me is that failure is trying to please everyone. As a recovering people-pleaser it’s become my mantra. It’s a great line I think sums up an important truth:

If Jesus, who has that whole God-Thing going on for Him, can’t make everybody happy then why in the world do you think you can?

Think about it.

After Jesus taught his first sermon they tried to throw him off a cliff…literally! I’ve taught some bad messages before but I’ve never had anybody try to kill me for it.

His family thought He was crazy.

Priests called Him Satan (ouch!).

His parents lost Him for three days when he was twelve (can anyone say Child Protective Services?).

He lost about 3/4 of his original disciples.

One of his closest friends sold Him out and had an angry mob crucify Him (incidentally, that’s why you probably don’t know a lot of people named Judas).

You’re job isn’t to make everyone happy. Jesus was very clear about this: Love God and love other people like you love yourself. That’s pretty much it. Do those two things and you’ll be OK in God’s Book.

There’s just one catch to that last part: love other people like you LOVE YOURSELF. Did you get that? You’ve got to love yourself and then love other people like that. It’s kinda hard to love yourself when you’re always stressed-out because somebody doesn’t like the message you taught, the programs you put on, or the changes you’re making.

One of the great philosophers of our time, Bill Murray, said it best in the movie Meatballs:

The next time you feel like your head is going to explode from all the negativity you’re getting, take a cue from Jesus (and Bill Murray) and remember: It just doesn’t matter.

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