At High Desert Church we have a great resource that we give out a couple of times a year to the families in our children’s ministry. It helps them to invite their unchurched friends to HDC. It clearly defines our approach to evangelism, points them to a great entry point event, and gives them tips on how to strategically invite their friends to one of our campuses on the weekend. Feel free to take it and adapt it to your setting.

I do want to clarify one important thing that you’ll see in this resource. There’s a term that you may have noticed I use on my website called oikos. It defines my church’s approach to ministry at all age levels. Oikos is used in this resources and is pretty familiar in my ministry setting. It has been a great approach to doing church that you may want to check out. The resource above still works regardless of whether or not you embrace oikos. Feel free to comment on this post or use the contact page on my blog to learn more about oikos.

Click here if you would like to take a look at it.


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