Every ministry in your church wants more volunteers, but not all of them have taken the time to really think about what kind of volunteers they actually need. The key isn’t just getting warm bodies in the room. You’ve got to get the right people working with and in your ministry. Here are four questions to consider when interviewing potential volunteers:

1. Do they have an attitude worth spreading?

Attitude is contagious. Think long and hard if you want the rest of your volunteers “catching” what they’ve got. Be cautious of someone who seems to be dishonest, overly critical, has a lot of personal problems, or a short fuse.

2. Will they be good at what they want to do?

Every potential volunteer is an expert at something. Your job is to find out what skills are in their wheelhouse and steer them towards the needs in your ministry that can best use their abilities. Resist the temptation to ask people to consistently do things that they’re not good because you’ve got a spot that needs filling.

3. Can they get along with the rest of the team?

Be honest with yourself about how well everyone is going to get along. We’ve all been on teams where one person just didn’t connect well. It’s not necessarily because they are a bad person. Some personalities just don’t mesh. The resulting conflict and frustration that comes from these kinds of situations can be avoided. Take a long, hard look at the players on the board to see if they will fit well.

4. Are they committed to the vision?

Not everyone is a good fit for your ministry. They may have a great attitude, be highly skilled, and get a long well with others, but if they aren’t excited about where you’re going they won’t do well on your team. Better to wait for someone who buys-in to what you’re doing then to plug someone as a quick fix. You’ll be right back where you started in a few months when they quit.

Making sure you get people with a balanced temperament, a skill set that will advance what you’re already doing, a personality that is compatible with your team, and who are committed to your mission will help you build a great team. Everyone wins when we work hard to discover the answers to these four questions.

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