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Do you have a post just itching to get out like the alien larva in the original Alien movie? If so, then this blog may be just the place to unleash your insights on the world. Here’s what it takes to guest post:

Original guest posts only
Google doesn’t like it when a site reprints full articles that originally appeared elsewhere. Your best shot at getting accepted is to write-up something original just for this site.

Keep it under 500 words
If you can’t say it in that length, divide it up into 2 parts or let someone you trust ruthlessly edit it.

Include a bio and a link
LOTS of people will read what you write (literally dozens), so give them a chance to see who you are and a link to get more (your Twitter profile at least, preferably your own blog).

Don’t expect to hear much
Submitting a potential guest post is awesome – I’m hoping to get flooded with them! But if you haven’t heard anything or seen it show up on the site in the next 2 weeks … it didn’t make the cut. Argh. I know. BUT if your post doesn’t get published here you’re totally free to post it on your site.

Would LOVE to have a bunch of new voices join in here! Quit lurking and get writing!